Here’s a suggested packing list for Nashville

Suggested packing list for Nashville Trip

(in no particular order)



At the moment the Nashville weather forecast is: Thurs. 61◦, Fri. 63◦, Sat. 69◦


Concert dress is NOT needed for this trip.  Music Department T-shirts will be worn for Vanderbilt workshops



Comfortable shoes

Comfortable clothes, shorts, jeans etc.

Sun screen

Umbrella (tote)

Sweatshirt / jacket

One Dress casual outfit for Nashville Symphony Concert

Money for souvenirs/gifts (all meals and activities are included in the cost of the trip)

$5 per student for bus driver tip

Bathing suit (there is a pool in the hotel)

Music that is being performed


Music Department T-shirt (will be given at luggage check-in)



Carry-on items for the bus ride

Pillow and light blanket

Snacks and water

Medicines if needed

Gadgets and power chords

Head phones

DVD’s- PG 13 or lower

Tooth brush/tooth paste