Annual Music Trip

March 25-29, 2020:

Orlando, Here We Come!

We are pleased to announce that this year’s music department trip will be to Orlando. A letter outlining important information will be sent home with students the first week of school and is also available to download here. As additional details become available, they will be posted through Choralnet and the instrumental listserv, sent home with students, and posted on this website.


The groups that will participate are Jazz Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, Chamber Orchestra, Concert Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Chamber Choir, Women’s Chorus, Men’s Chorus, and Treble Chorale. (Freshman Chorus, Concert Band, Percussion Ensemble, Keyboard, Guitar, and Music Theory classes DO NOT participate in this trip.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Details will be updated as they become available.

What is the trip’s purpose?

Each year, students in the Whitman music department travel somewhere in the U.S. or Canada and usually participate in a major major music competition and/or performances and workshops at university music schools. 

When is the annual trip?

The Orlando trip will take place March 25-29, 2020. The group will leave on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 25, and will return by Sunday evening. Students will be excused from school on Thursday and Friday, March 25 and 27.

Which groups go?

Concert Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Chamber Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, Treble Chorale, Women’s Chorus, Men’s Chorus and Chamber Choir. (Freshman Chorus, Concert Band, Percussion Ensemble, Keyboard, Guitar, and Music Theory classes do not participate in this trip.)

How is it supervised?

Approximately 18-20 Whitman teachers and administrators accompany the students. 

What does it cost?

This year’s trip fee is $792, which covers bus transportation, hotel accommodations, meals, night security, competition and workshop participation fees, liability insurance, sightseeing/entertainment, a T-shirt, and more. 

Although we try to plan the trip costs down to the last penny, we also try to avoid a shortfall in order to fully cover the needs of our students on the trip. Because of this, there will sometimes be nominal funds remaining once all trip expenses are paid. In such a case, any remaining funds will be donated to the music department scholarship fund to cover future costs for students who otherwise may not be able to attend the annual music trip.

How do I pay?

The fee can be paid in full by Sept. 21, or in as many as four installments of $198 each, due on Fridays, Sept. 21, Oct. 26, Dec. 14, and Jan. 18. Please make checks payable to Walt Whitman High School and include your student’s name and music ensemble on the memo line to ensure proper crediting of your account. Sorry; we are unable to accept credit card payment. 

Any student or family for whom covering trip costs would be a hardship should speak with Ms. Alvey, Ms. Kim, or Ms. Borsum to request scholarship funds or an alternate payment schedule.

Where do they stay?

Students stay in a hotel near the festival/performance site. Specific accommodations vary from year to year depending on the venue. 

How do they get there?

The music department rents luxury buses to transport the students, their belongings, and their instruments. 

How is luggage handled?

Luggage, except for a bus carry-on, is checked in at Whitman the day before the trip and must bear a parent signature that it has been checked for contraband. Luggage is brought to the auditorium lobby, tagged with the appropriate bus number, and locked up overnight. Parent volunteers are needed each year to help with this process. Any carry-on luggage and instruments are brought to the buses at departure and are subject to inspection by trip chaperones. Students may bring a pillow and blanket, entertainment, snacks, and other “comfort” items for the ride on the bus.

Are there any special trip policies?

In accordance with MCPS policy, student possession or consumption of alcohol or illegal substances is STRICTLY forbidden. Any violation will be dealt with immediately, including the return of the student to his/her home at the parents’ expense.



Trip Details

Music Department Trip Orlando Florida

Hotel Information

Rosen Shingle Creek Resort

9939 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819

(866) 996-6338

Bus Company- Gunther Charters


Terry Alvey cell: 703-963-8815

Michelle Kim cell: 301-801-4900


Chaperones- All Whitman Staff

Heather Borsum

Laura Williams

Omari James

Angela Fang

Mira Chung

Fred Kim

(Ms. Kim’s husband- MCPS teacher and football coach at Quince Orchard HS)

Joan Keller

Kristi Mcaleese

Shaun Mumma

Shannon Steward

Sonja Maroni

Danielle Fus


There will be 4 security guards, provided specifically for our group during sleeping hours


Trip Overview


Tuesday, March 24th– Luggage check-in, 2:30-6:00- Auditorium Lobby


In theory, students will have 2 pieces of luggage: (not including instruments) a carry on and a larger bag with their concert clothes, play clothes etc. They will only check in the larger bag on Tuesday.  They will bring their carry-on bag with them on Wednesday.


All students will receive 2 luggage tags from us on Monday, March 23rd that read:


 “I have inspected this bag for any forbidden or illegal substance or for anything inappropriate for school trips”


This luggage tag MUST be signed by a parent or guardian and tied on their bag. If there is no luggage tag or if the tag is not signed by a parent or guardian we will not take the students luggage.  They will be asked to go home and get a parent signature.


At luggage check-in students will receive their t-shirt and a cute backpack from the travel company.  We ask them to put these items in their “checked luggage.”  It is very important that students check in the larger bag on Tuesday between 2:30 and 6:00.  Students may not bring luggage to school during the school day on Tuesday because we have no storage space. Once the luggage check-in is complete the auditorium will be locked until Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday, March 25th– Departure Day

We will be departing Whitman “hopefully” by 3:00 pm. (It will be a miracle if this actually happens) Prior to our departure the students will gather their luggage from the auditorium, get instruments, load these items on their buses and line up with their carry-on bag to be checked in on their buses. This is a process….. I will explain….

Once we are all aboard, we’re out!

We will stop along the way for dinner, around 7:00 PM

Driving, driving, driving, DRIVER SWITCH (in the middle of the night) driving, driving, driving, and driving !


Thursday, March 26th– 8:00 AM

Stop at the HUB to freshen up and have breakfast. This is approximately 2 hours from Orlando. Here the kids will be able to get off the buses shower, change into fun Universal Studio Swag, put on their Harry Potter Cape, have breakfast and prepare for a full day of fun in the Park.

Hotel check-in is 9:00 PM- They will be tired !


Friday and Saturday are both Competition Days

Performance Schedule



Friday 27th


Arrive at 1:00 PM

2:00 – Men’s Choir

2:30 – Treble Choir

3:00 – Women’s Choir

3:30 – Chambers



Saturday 28th


7:15 AM- Concert Orchestra-waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (insert crying emoji) ☹

8:30 – Wind Ensemble

9:15 – Jazz Band

10:00 – Chamber Orchestra

10:45 – Symphonic Band



Saturday, March 28th


Check out of the Hotel- early


Head to Universal studios for Instrumental Performances


After performances students will have a chance to change and spend time the park until the awards ceremony which will most likely be @ 3:00 but that time is still TBD.


The important thing to note here is that we will be boarding buses for home at 9:00 PM


Driving, driving, driving, driving, driving, DRIVER SWITCH (in the middle of the night)

driving, driving into …..


Sunday, March 29th


Stop for breakfast en route, around 9:00 AM- home- 2:00 PM



They will be tired!  



Debbie downer here….. ALL music students are expected to be in school on Monday, March 30th.   We will give kids our music class time to catch up on any work for other classes. Please help them get to school on Monday.


Suggested packing list for Florida Trip

(in no particular order)


At the moment the Orlando weather forecast is: Probably Hot


Concert Dress IS needed for this trip.


Music Department T-shirts will be worn on Saturday for the awards ceremony


Comfortable shoes

Comfortable clothes, shorts, jeans etc.

Sun screen

Umbrella (tote)

Sweatshirt / jacket

Money for souvenirs/gifts (all meals and activities are included in the cost of the trip)

$5 per student for bus driver tip

Bathing suit (there is a pool in the hotel)


Music that is being performed


Music Department T-shirt (will be given at luggage check-in)




Carryon items for the bus ride

Pillow and light blanket

Snacks and water

Medicines if needed

Gadgets and power chords

Head phones

DVD’s- PG 13 or lower

Tooth brush/tooth paste







(we cannot get your luggage from under the bus at this stop, you must bring your change of clothes in your carry on)


Things we need from you/your children…………


Medical Forms- we have most of these

Parent Responsibility Forms- we have most of these

Flight Info and permission if your kids are flying…. Email will be fine

Please let us know if we need to administer meds to your children. If they carry and self-administer meds and that is your family preference that is great with us. If your child needs to be reminded to take their meds or we need to administer them we will make sure this happens.


If you have concerns regarding the coronavirus please the attached video from the WHO…. . They suggest no change in travel, other than practicing good hygiene like with any other respiratory illness prevention.


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