Individual Voice Instruction

 You may want to start with these resources:

Singer Source (Click on the “Teachers and Tools” tab)
Levine School of Music 301-897-5100
Washington Conservatory 301-320-2770
International School of Music 301-657-0763

Our students have studied with and had good experiences with:

Deborah Benner 917-685-2904
Susan Berkson 14303 Briarwood Terr., Rockville 301-460-2726
Paula Chipman [email protected] 202-425-4029
Audrey Frieberg [email protected] 248-756-0226
Aurelius & Grace Gori 301-946-6530
Kristin Halliday [email protected] 301-461-6774
Keith Hudspeth [email protected] 202-257-7794
Terrance Johns [email protected] 202-375-9762
Julie Keim [email protected]
Eve Kornhauser 301-765-0570
D. Brian Lee 301-576-3370
Leslie MacKnight [email protected] 301-655-6988
Hilary Park 571-451-9851
Medea Namoradze-Ruhadze [email protected] 301-816-0141
Millicent Scarlett [email protected] 301-942-1933
Maryann Sewell [email protected] 202-726-8858
Angela Peterson Winter 202-744-2252
Katie Katinas 301-523-2021
Ellen Kliman [email protected] 301-792-0931
Nakia Verner [email protected] 202-744-2252

revised September 2016