Performance Class Grading Policy and Classroom Guidelines

All performance classes in the music department have the same grade categories and weights: 60% formative, 30% summative, and 10% homework.

Summative Grade

Summative grade values are determined by the instructor, and are variable depending upon the activity. These include grades for quizzes and tests (written and singing/playing), and performances.

Formative Grade

Each student will receive up to 5 points as a daily rehearsal grade. Students earn full credit by being prepared (music, pencil, and instrument) and participating appropriately during the entire rehearsal.

Guidelines to Excellent Rehearsal Participation

FOCUS Students are expected to pay attention throughout each class, and continually try to hone their listening skills. This includes concentrating on the instructor throughout the rehearsal process, as well as the music being studied and rehearsed.

ATTITUDE As with everything in life, great things can be achieved if we approach tasks with a positive attitude and open mind. Negativity only serves to get in the way and disrupt the music-making process.

DISCIPLINE Students are expected to NOT TALK during daily rehearsals. Talking during rehearsals is distracting and inhibits the aesthetic atmosphere that we are trying to maintain. In essence, singing and playing IS listening, and if people are talking, they are not listening. This applies to sectional rehearsals also.

EFFORT The old adage states “Positive attitude plus maximum effort equals excellence.” Our job as musicians is to endeavor to recreate the fullest realization of the composer’s vision in sound. Students are expected to put forth their highest effort to master the music and produce their most beautiful sound possible. The entire ensemble can’t possibly sound polished until all musicians make this effort.

Attendance at every rehearsal is crucial to the success of our program!

Smartphone Policy

Students must silence their phones and put them in their backpacks before class begins.

Everything you do in a musical ensemble affects not just the people near you but also the entire group. An ensemble’s overall excellence depends on every person.

When everyone follows these guidelines our rehearsals are more productive and more enjoyable.


Your primary homework is to master your ensemble music. Occasionally there will be other homework assignments.