Because each of the instrumental ensembles are performing groups, two or three major concert appearances are planned each year for parents, siblings, staff, and other students. The Symphonic Orchestra, String Orchestra, Wind Ensemble and chamber groups host a fall concert in the fall. Each winter, a concert is held before the holiday break. All large ensembles participate, each performing two or three selections.


The other major appearance for the ensembles is during the Walt Whitman Festival of the Arts, which is typically held in mid-May. This concert is very different than the winter concert as it is usually held in the school cafeteria over two nights with instrumental and choral groups sharing the stage. The larger Whitman community attends the Festival and people tend to come and go from the concert to the visual arts venues in a very casual atmosphere.   Because of its small size, the jazz ensemble typically hosts two concerts at the Brookmont Community Church annually, one in October and one in April or May. That concert is very well-received by the community and is generally a standing-room only event.   The list of festivals that are planned for the current school year can be found on the Calendar page.