Sandy Lederman Music Scholarship

The Sandy Lederman Music Scholarship provides eligible selected students with financial assistance for the private study of music year-round.

Students participating in the choral and instrumental music programs at Walt Whitman High School who have demonstrated financial need in accordance with the published standards of Montgomery County Public Schools are eligible to apply.  Applications will be accepted and evaluated on a rolling basis by a committee composed of members of the Whitman music and counseling departments. Students’ progress will be evaluated on a quarterly basis by the Whitman music department.

To apply, complete this application form and submit it to your classroom music teacher.

For more information, please contact Michelle Kim, Terry Alvey, or Heather Borsum in the Whitman music department.

About Sandy and the Scholarship Fund

Sandy Lederman picSandy Lederman was a beloved parent, music educator, and music performer in the Whitman High School and Pyle Middle School communities and a devoted participant in and contributor to the music programs and curriculum countywide, at all levels of education – elementary through high school.  Sandy died of liver cancer in February 2015.

The Sandy Lederman Music Scholarship Fund was established in June 2015 as a Principal’s Fund at Whitman High School to provide support to students participating in the choral and instrumental music programs at Whitman and at Whitman’s sister school of greater need, Wheaton High School, who need financial assistance for private music lessons.

The scholarship fund is intended to allow music students in our community to continue to benefit from Sandy’s devotion to music education as an integral part of our students’ personal and formal educational growth and development.  The scholarship fund is managed and operated completely independently of the Whitman Music Boosters and is intended to address a very different need than that served by the Music Boosters’ financial assistance for students.

For more information about the scholarship fund, including information on how to donate toward it, please contact Nina Nathani.